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Starting this year CCAPOA is no longer accepting paper membership forms.

As you may know, 6 years ago CCAPOA began accepting memberships online.  This was started to improve efficiencies in processing Membership renewals, and to provide a more streamlined experience for our members.  During this time we continued to accept and process paper membership forms to ease the transition for all of our members.  However, the time has come to eliminate the paper for a number of reasons.

You may not think much of it, but processing "paper" offers no real value to anyone and actually causes quite a bit of extra work for our volunteers.

Benefits of using the online membership are convenience and accuracy.  When filling our paper forms there are no error checks available.  As a result, any errors made cause delays in our ability to process your membership and require more time to follow up, correct, and process.

For CCAPOA volunteers, paper means having having to go pick up the mail at the Post Office PO Box, physically deliver new memberships to the membership committee, data enter your information, then file the paper somewhere.  In addition,  paper causes waste and  using our online membership system produces no waste.

If you are new to using CCAPOA's online membership system, its very easy to register and select your membership options.  Simply select the blue membership button below and select "Create Account" to request a membership account.  We'll then notify you via email when it has been approved and you can then sign in to renew your membership.  You'll also be able to pay online via secure payment options, or if you prefer, you can still pay via check and mail your payment. 

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for using CCAPOA's online membership system.  To renew your membership please select the blue button below.

See you at the beach!