Country Club Additions Property Owners Association

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Mission Statement


We are a volunteer organization made up of neighbors and friends who live within the boundaries of the Country Club Additions Property Owners Association (CCAPOA)with collective interest in the lakefront properties owned by the association.

 The elected directors and officers are united by mutual values rooted in the collaborative spirit of community shared across generations.  Our goal is to maintain and manage CCAPOA properties to the greatest benefit of its members.  This is achieved through an understanding of our members’ expectations and by organizing our committees and resources to best meet those expectations.   In order to establish and uphold trust and fairness, we maintain public records of our meetings and encourage attendance at community events.   

Participation in CCAPOA is not an obligation forced upon its members; it’s an opportunity to actively improve the community we live in by taking ownership in it.

For more information about CCAPOA, please review the Association Bylaws here