Association Boundaries


The CCAPOA is comprised of properties situated primarily in the area known as The Gates, a small enclave located within boundaries of the Village of Lakewood and Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Membership to the CCAPOA is entirely optional and not a requirement of living within the CCAPOA boundaries. 

CCAPOA Association bylaws dictate that anyone applying for membership must have their primary residence within the specific boundaries of our Association, as defined on the map below.


A Notice for Realtors and Real Estate Attorneys.....
CCAPOA is a voluntary membership association, unlike the typical homeowners associations. There are no binding requirements for residents to join, nor do we provide assessment letters for those who have joined. We do not place liens on properties: if a resident does not pay the annual dues, then they are not a member, and are not entitled to the use of Association facilities and events. 
Please note, we do not maintain paid staffing or offices to respond to requests regarding mandatory dues when selling property. If you are a realtor or real estate attorney, take this notice as response to the mandatory association dues requests. The Association bylaws are available to residents whose primary residence is within the boundaries of the Association and who register their name and address using the membership sign up option on our website.  Kindly ask your client to log in to their account and provide you with the necessary information.

In order to become a member of the Association, you must first register an account with us. At the time of registration, addresses are validated to ensure they meet the above criteria.

If you do not already have an approved account with us, please CLICK HERE to register online and provide us with your details. Once approved you will be able to sign up for your annual membership and access all the exclusive benefits the Association provides. All applications are subject to Board Approval.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether you qualify for membership, please contact the Membership Committee at [email protected].