Dogs At The Beach


While CCAPOA wants everyone to have fun at our Parks and Beaches, including our four-legged friends, we do have rules which outlined what is allowed and where dogs are allowed to be, for the safety and enjoyment of all our members.

Per our own Beach Rules:

d.  Dogs and other pets are not allowed within the swim areas or the sanded beach areas.  Leashed dogs are allowed on Boat piers (not swim piers) only to gain access to the Owner's (member's) boat. Leashed dogs are allowed on grassy areas.  

If a pet defecates on the CCAPOA property, the owner must clean it up and remove it to prevent coliform contamination to the lake and in consideration of other members. Please take the bag home for disposal, putting into Beach Area receptacles can get unpleasant.

As a reminder, Village of Lakewood Ordinance states that ALL DOGS MUST REMAIN ON A LEASH, when not on your own property.

The following images outline where dogs are allowed, and what the restricted areas are at each beach.





We thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation.

For all questions or help, please contact the Parks & Beaches Committee at

[email protected]